Alkira Open Session: Reinventing Networking for the Cloud Era

OctoberOct 14 2020 02:20pm - OctoberOct 14 2022 02:50pm

Proof of Concepts and Open Sessions

Networking is on the move. Compute, storage, and applications are all now born in the cloud and consumed as a service. The network, however, has remained behind, mired in the complexity and cost of do-it-yourself approaches. Until now! The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange™ is one of a kind global unified network platform delivered as-a-service. It offers consistent and dramatically simplified networking experience for on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud environments with integrated network services marketplace, operational visibility and governance. With Alkira, your entire end-to-end network is drawn on a digital design canvas, provisioned in 1-click, and is ready for use in minutes. No hardware to procure, no software to download, and no cloud to learn. The Network. Reinvented for Cloud.™