Acuity Success Story: How Gluware Made Complex EVPN Network Management Easy - Acuity Insurance with Gluware Midday Keynote

OctoberOct 14 2020 03:15pm - OctoberOct 14 2022 03:35pm

October 14th

Gluware customer, Acuity Insurance, a leader in personal and business insurance, faced the daunting challenge of automating a complex Juniper QFX based EVPN-VXLAN data center fabric safely and at scale. This session will dive into the details of the challenges and unique approach using the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation platform  to automate the provisioning of new VLANs onto the company’s existing brownfield network fabric, helping them safely and securely automate their network. Configuring and managing an EVPN network can quickly become complicated as engineers have to deal with the underlay network and the overlay network, especially with the Juniper Centrally Routed Bridging (CRB) option involving configuration changes to both spine and leaf devices when making a change. Learn how Gluware’s ability to provide domain wide data modeling along with a REST API enabled Acuity to programmatically feed the data model with the required variables and automate new VLAN provisioning accelerating application deployment. As a result, Gluware’ is enabling Acuity to build on top of it and have confidence in the automated changes to the network.