Great Debate: Remote Workforce Infrastructure: On-Prem or Cloud-Based?

OctoberOct 14 2020 03:55pm - OctoberOct 14 2022 04:45pm

October 14th

Within six weeks, many corporations had to expand their support of remote workers by a factor of 4 to 5; for some, that was 70k to 300k+. What are the best practices to support massive Remote Workforce (RWF) infrastructure? What are the technologies and approaches? On-prem tunnels or SaaS-based approaches? How do you provide video broadcast of executive announcements, support regulated voice communications requirements, user help desk support, power users such as trading floor professionals, software engineers, etc. For on-prem tunnels, all traffic flows through a DMZ, highly secure but difficult to scale. For Saas-based solutions, scaling up can be nearly infinite and easier. Is there a solution that combines the security of on-prem with the scale and ease of use of SaaS-based solutions? Is there a scalable remote access solution--a SaaS internet offload moving from on-prem VPN tunnel termination to off-prem, i.e., cloud provider?

In this Great Debate, we explore the role of on- and off-prem remote workforce infrastructure options and choices as this is the new normal of work.