Automated Multi-Cloud Governance - An Industry Update

OctoberOct 15 2020 04:25pm - OctoberOct 15 2022 05:00pm

October 15th

The ONUG Collaborative delivered its first work in the Automated Cloud Governance ACG Working Group by publishing a framework. During the summer, the second phase of the Collaborative’s work began to develop a common security notification reference implementation--the start of multi-cloud security notification services. The outcome of this phase is to demonstrate multi-cloud provider security streams of a tenant’s resources containing common definitions and syntax of common events, logs, alerts, etc., upon which an enterprise governance/policy controller can take appropriate action. In this session, ACG Working Group members share their top down and bottom up approach in the development of the Simple Cloud Management Protocol to be demonstrated in May 2021 by cloud providers and SIME players all in an effort to create a marketplace of applications that automate cloud governance by automating responses to common security notifications across cloud providers.