A Framework for AIOps Data Collection and Access

OctoberOct 15 2020 03:45pm - OctoberOct 15 2022 04:20pm

October 15th

For many ONUG Members, how to be lean and deliver operations automation is top priority during this next business cycle. Leveraging AIOps is a great opportunity to turn the tidal wave of monitoring data into smarter and faster root cause analyses, resulting in better user experience. However, effective AIOps requires enterprises to build a sound data foundation. There are many sources of data that when collected and analyzed deliver monitoring, visibility and observability value, and many organizations are still grappling with how to access all this data without creating a massively expensive data lake. Since the spring session, the ONUG AIOps Working Group has created a reference white paper to educate and engage the community, by articulating a framework for data collection and access, to enable AIOps. In this session, we’ll go over the key aspects covered in the framework white paper, engage questions that arise, and call the community to take the next steps with the AIOps working group in realizing a multi-vendor, live demonstration system that shows the framework in action.